Baccara Betting, Cards and Hands

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Information about Betting in Baccara

Baccara Betting, Cards and HandsChips that represent the banker's money are placed next to the casino dealer on the baccara table. Players other than the banker, known as the 'ponte' or 'punto', are able to place their bets against the bank, up to its total amount, with each of the players calling out the money that they wish to bet on the table.

Betting, Cards and Hands: Betting on the Baccara Table

When all bets have been placed on the table, the banker then deals four cards, which are placed on the table facing downwards. The player that has placed the highest bet is given the first and third card, with the banker taking the second and fourth baccara card.

Once the player has looked at the cards, careful consideration is made, with actions depending upon the total score of the two cards. In the instance that the player's two cards score between 0 to 4, a further card is requested, which is dealt facing upwards.

An additional card is always optional when the player's two cards score 5.


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