Baccara Casino House Advantage

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Information about Baccara Casino House Advantage

Baccara Casino House AdvantageThe general casino house advantage for baccara is less than most other casino table games, making this a particularly good-value casino game. This is very much a game of luck, and little skill or strategy can be applied to win.

The outcome of a baccara game is similar to literally tossing a coin, making this an appealing, exciting and highly unpredicatable casino game.

Casino House Advantage: Probability

Baccara's casino house advantage differs between the players and the banker, with a casino house advantage of 1.06% for the banker and 1.23% for the player. Probability and research show that the banker will generally win 45.84% of all the hands during the game, with players winning 44.61% of the hands and the remaining 9.55% of hands being tied.

The house advantage in baccara can be clearly illustrated as follows:

  • $100 stake money is bet
  • The banker will win $45.84, less 5% commission of £2.29, paying $44.61 to the player
  • This creates a net loss of $1.06, which is paid to the casino - a house advantage of 1.06%
  • The player wins $44.61 and loses $45.84 to the banker, creating an overall loss and house advantage of 1.23%


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