Baccara Player Scoring

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Information about Baccara Player's Scoring

Baccara Player ScoringWith a baccara hand scoring 6 or 7, no further action is required and the player should always 'stand'. A hand scoring 8 or 9 is known simply as a 'natural' and the player always immediately places the cards face up on the gaming table. Any hands with a total score of between 0 to 5 are known as 'baccara'.

When the player holds a hand scoring 8 or 9 (a 'natural'), the banker is no longer allowed to take a third card and must stand. Players with scores other than 8 or 9 and required to draw an additional card.

In the instance that the player accidentally draws a third card, the casino rules clearly state that the value must be added to the player's hand, which can change the whole course of the game of baccara. Therefore, third cards should only be taken as per the following scoring table.

Scoring Tables / Player's Actions

Baccara actions after the first two cards:

Baccara Total Score
Action to be Taken
0, 1, 2, 3, 4
An extra third card is required
A third card is completely optional
6, 7
No further action should be taken
8, 9
The hand should be immediately revealed, as this is a 'natural' score


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