Learn Baccara Rules and Payout Odds

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Information about Baccara Scoring and Payout Odds

The baccara scoring rules, where players are required to take additional third playing cards, are relaxed in some casinos. Both the banker and the player are able to exercise more freedom without following strict scoring rules, when playing the game of baccara in a number of casinos.

Learning The Rules: Payout Odds for Players

Payout odds are different for players and bankers. The payout odds for players are paid at evens (1 to 1), which simply means that the player will receive $1 for every $1 they win in the game of baccara.

If $100 is bet and the player wins, they receive an additional $100 winnings and retain their original stake money, meaning that the player has a total of $200, In this instance, the banker will lose $200 and the casino will not receive any commission.

Learning The Rules: Payout Odds for Bankers

The payout odds for bankers are paid at evens, less the 5 percent commission paid to the casino, which means payout odds of 19/20. This simply means that the banker will receive $0.95 for every $1 they win in the game of baccara.

If a player bets $100, the banker also has to stake $100 against the bet. In the instance that the player loses, the banker receives the $100 stake money from the player, less the casino's 5 percent commission, meaning that the banker receives $95 and the casino receives $5.


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