Baccara Terminology, Strategy and System

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Information about Baccara Terminology

Various specific terms are used when playing this popular card game.

Betting Terminology

Baccara Terminology and TermsThe following betting terminology is often used in the game of baccara:

  • Baccara 'Banco Solo' - when a players wants to place a bet equal to the baccara bank total. If more than one baccara players wishes to place 'banco solo' the player closest to the banker's right takes priority

  • 'Banco Avec la Table' - a bet equalling half of the bank total

  • 'Prime Right' - the player seated to the right of the banker

  • 'Banco Suivi' - player who has lost after betting either 'banco solo' or 'banco avec la table', taking priority over the 'prime right' in the next game of baccara


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