Playing Casino Baccara

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Information about Playing Baccara

Playing Casino BaccaraWhen playing casino baccara, six separate decks of playing cards are used. Due to the large size of the table, casino dealers generally use a paddle instrument to move the playing cards and baccara chips around the table, from player to player.

Baccara is played with 'community hands' and regardless of how many players (ponte) are at the table, only two hands are actually dealt. One of the players assumes the role of banker (banco) and takes control of one hand of cards, with the remaining baccara players betting on the second hand.

Playing: The Baccara Banker

In most casino games, the casino generally acts as a banker, being responsible for collecting all of the losing bets and paying out any winning chips. However, baccara is quite different, with the players being able to take it in turns to act as the banker, who also deals out the cards.

When players become the baccara banker, they stake some money, used to payout against winning bets, with the odds being 'evens'. All losing bets at the table are collected by the casino dealer and paid directly to the banker. The casino itself then takes its baccara commission of five percent from the losing bets.

Playing: The Baccara Casino Dealer

The casino dealer has the following responsibilities during the game:

  • Controls the game of baccara
  • Pays out all winning bets and chips from the banker's original stake
  • Collects losing bets from the players, for the banker
  • Shuffles the decks of cards
  • Offers advice about the game to all players, including the banker


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