Baccara Table Layout

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Baccara Table Layout: Playing Baccara at Casino Tables

Baccara Table LayoutBaccara tables at casinos are large tables, able to easily accommodate up to 14 players at any one time and the table may be situated in a separate area or room at the casino.

Often particularly high-stake games played on tables in separate rooms are restricted to players and casino staff only.

The casino dealer and players can all be seated around the baccara table, although when there are more than 14 players, it may be necessary for some to stand. Playing positions at the baccara table are clearly marked with different numbers.

Table Layout: Shuffling the Cards

Before playing the game of baccara, the casino dealer shuffles the cards and one of the players generally cuts the pack on the table. A blank playing card is inserted towards the bottom of the cards, which are then placed in the table's 'shoe' and passed to the banker, who begins dealing the cards.

Once the blank playing card is reached, the whole 'shoe' is then passed back to the casino dealer, who shuffles the cards once again.


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